Witnesses on a Run

rsz_11race4voc2013On May 4th, there were approximately 300 participants who came out for the 6th Annual Race for Vocations!  The Race for Vocations is sponsored by all 5 of the Dioceses in Indiana, and is held each year during the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis.

Among the roughly 40,000 mini-marathon runners this year, those who joined the race for vocations team gave witness to Vocations during the race by wearing the blue vocation shirt (shown in photo).

“The race affirmed the importance of praying and sacrificing for people to seek the will of God first when pursuing their vocation,” shared Janice Storey, a parishioner from Our Lady of Grace in Noblesville. “We are all served by those who commit to follow God’s will in their vocation and while it is not limited to ordained ministry there is a great need for more men and women to be open to God’s call.”

Janice Storey joined the race this year along with her husband Matt, three of their eight children, her sister, niece and great-niece: bringing their family group to nine!   When I asked Janice what her favorite part about the race was she said, “I enjoyed being in the midst of it with my family members, seeing all the supporters on the sidelines and the Mass and dinner Friday night and the post-race tent.”

The Mass for Vocations and pasta dinner is held the Friday night before the race at St. John the Evangelist Church in Indianapolis, just blocks away from the event’s starting and finishing lines.  Runners, family members and other supporters all are invited to attend the Mass and dinner.

Larry Kunkel, from St. JohnVianney in Fishers, ran the race for the third time this year.  When asked about his experience training for the Race he said, “Training is a time commitment but I normally pray the Rosary and other prayers while I run, which puts GOD first during training and keeps me focused.”

Kunkel went on to say he always appreciates seeing all of the people, bands, booths and other attractions during the race but a special highlight this year was the Archbishop of Indianapolis riding a bike during the race!

Another runner from our Diocese, Rick Weber from Zionsville, enjoyed the camaraderie among the team members.  Weber shared that he was inspired to join the race this year because he believes it is a great cause.  “Anything I can do to create focus for vocations I will try to support it.”

We are grateful for the witness of the Race for Vocations runners and for their prayers and sacrifices on behalf of those who are discerning and living their vocations.   Storey, Kunkel and Weber all said they looked forward to participating in the race again next year!

For more information on the 2013 Race for Vocations, click here.


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July 9, 2013 · 2:21 PM

One response to “Witnesses on a Run

  1. Greg McAloon

    Participated in the Race for Vocations and was truly inspired by all the blue shirts during the run. I have been a runner for 20+ years including a bunch of mini’s however this was my first mini where I had prayed a rosary and focused on others rather than my time. Praise the lord!!

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