“Young people: Know that your life has meaning to the extent that it becomes a free gift for others!” – Blessed John Paul II

The youth are hungry for truth and meaning!  There are many simple ways to encourage vocations in the classroom and youth night.  Click the links below to view tools for your ministry.

  1. Do a Lesson over Vocations!
    • There are many different lesson plans and youth nights available online for vocation awareness.  The USCCB has compiled several of the best lesson plans, worksheets and quizzes available.


  2. Invite a Religious or Priest to speak!
    • Often we get questions about bringing in a religious sister, religious brother or a priest to speak to the youth about vocations.  Offering opportunities to ask priests and religious questions helps to dispel some of the mystery surrounding their vocations.


  3. Write letters to those Discerning from our Diocese!
    • Catholic school principals, directors of religious education and home school coordinators in the Diocese are invited to encourage in their students an appreciation for our Seminarians/Religious and their call through prayer, spiritual bouquets, cards and letters.


  4. Promote Activities from the Vocation Office’s Yearly Calendar!
    • The Office for Vocations has many different activities throughout the year that promote discipleship/mentoring and also raise awareness of Vocations.  Retreats especially offer great experiences away from the distractions of daily life to reflect and pray about the path their life is heading.


  5. Start a Young Men or Young Women Discipleship Group!
    • These groups are great tools for helping young men and women grow into the person God has created them to be.  They provide opportunities for fellowship, activity, discussion and mentoring.


  6. Other Miscellaneous Educator Resources: