“If He asks much of you it is because He knows you can give much.” – Blessed Pope John Paul II

There are many different ways that as parishioners and ministry heads you can help promote vocations!

Underlying Principles in Vocation Awareness:  Each of us is called by God.  This call is rooted in Baptism, and is a way of participating in the mission of Jesus.  The promotion of vocation awareness is the responsibility of every baptized person.  Read More>>

Inviting Individuals to Consider a Vocation:  People need an invitation.  A major task of the faithful in the Catholic Church is to identify individuals in the parish who might make good priests or religious and personally invite them to consider this special call.  Read More>>

Form a Parish Vocation Committee:  The parish community needs to pray and work together to encourage and foster a culture of vocation.  This committee can raise awareness about and share information about the various Catholic Vocations: priesthood, diaconate, religious, married and single life.  Read More>>

Parish Vocation Promotion Activities: