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Seminarian Nick Brown

rsz_a5-d5yukatrjovke6a7d3wpgyqncupeqyq0tr7g1asySeminarian Nick Brown

St. Alphonsus, Zionsville, IN

Nick attributes his influence in discernment to his friendships with Father Brian Doerr and seminarians James Baxter and Michael Bower, as well as his first semester at St. Louis University. Prior to entering seminary he was involved in a number of activities in high school: cross-country, basketball, track, St. Alphonsus Golf League, Knights of the Holy Temple, Carmel Deanery Youth Council and Young Disciples. In college he was part of the Alpha Delta Gamma fraternity. He says that the KHT, CDYC and YD all helped him to be a leader and show himself and others that our faith is important and needs to be lived out. He states that his involvement in the fraternity helped him to see the temptations of the devil and that delving in earthly things isn’t fulfilling.

We wish Nick all the best as he starts his first year in seminary as a sophomore at St. John Vianney.


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September 1, 2013 · 7:22 PM

Brotherhood Among Seminarians

A Good one of several guys - Daily, Baxter, Neterer, Bower, HelleCHRISTINA CAPECCHI

You will not hear the young men at Saint John Vianney College Seminary refer to each other as classmates or fellow seminarians; they call each other “brothers.” And the term is apt, they say. Continue reading

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March 13, 2013 · 3:16 PM